Sunday, September 30, 2012

A short trip to my Farm

When I was on my daily walk to my farm I saw a couple of Large green Barbet sitting on a tree perch . Both of them were trying to prepare a nest in the tree. I was happy to see that sight. My favorite nikon was with me. I took a place under a small tree to hide myself. I captured a few images of the couple and when I was busy in shooting I heared a noise of Rose-ringed parakeets. I did complete my shooting very fast and start moving for parakeets. There were a few Rose-ringed Parakeets feeding on barley at a farm very near to me. I took several shots there and when I was returning from my farm I found a White-breasted waterhen sitting on a perch on a tree. I couldn’t get more than two images of the waterhen as after getting two shots the waterhen got disappeared in the bushes.
Here are a few captures from that day.

Large Green Barbet or Brown-headed Barbet

Rose-ringed Parakeet

White-breasted Waterhen

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